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Anonymous asked: Fave tv show and movie?

fav tv show is either simsons or 8 out of 10 cats

fav movie oh my days theres gunna be a long list

when harry met sally

shaun of the dead

wolf of wall street

pretty women

district 9

american pie :)))

Anonymous asked: what are your favorite blogs on here?

i think she’s changed her name now but opalminds is guuud, hope thats right i’m not 100%

and amberrrwang

and erika-bowes


Anonymous asked: you are still without a doubt the most gorgeous girl i follow! enjoy the rest of your night.

hehehe i blushin thank you xxxx

Anonymous asked: Describe your first kisssss!! :D

i was drunk and my friend liked him and i basically pounced on him

very very very embarrassing

flyonwater asked: What's your fav hair on yourself????? :)

i personally like this best

Anonymous asked: no makeup pic?

i look so bad but yeh here ya go

can you guys send me asks pls i’m bored n lonely :’((((r